Omega J8006HDS Review (Ultimate Omega Guide)

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If you want to juice leafy greens, fruits, and veggies then here is the detailed Omega J8006HDS juicer review that is the perfect juicer for you.

It is a cold press juicer that provides nutritious and refreshing juice to boost the immune system and keep you healthy. It creates a fresh-tasting juice with minimal to no heat, suitable for daily consumption.

It’s also easy to clean and has stainless steel materials and a powerful, efficient motor that ensures long life. It produces juice with only 70% pulp and 30% fiber, which is more digestible than whole fruit juices.

The Omega 8006HDS Juicer is the perfect juicer for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy, delicious, and nutritious lifestyle. It’s great for juicing vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It has been designed to extract maximum nutrition from fresh produce.

  • it is easy to clean and assemble than a centrifugal juicer.
  • it is great for making nut butter and pasta.
  • it gives outstanding results for celery, ginger roots, and beet carrots.
  • it gives high dry pulp for hard fruits or vegetables. 
  • it does not have much noise as compared to another juicer
  • it leaves a bit of pulp in the auger while juicing soft fruits like pineapple, apples, and oranges.
  • It is not good for strawberries, cucumbers, and cantaloupe.


Brand Omega
Color Silver
Special Feature Adjustable Dial
Product Dimensions 15.74″D x 12.7″W x 7.56″H
Material Stainless Steel

Features Of Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Juicer

omega j8006hds nutrition center juicer

Let us discuss all features in detail


Its capacity is a maximum of 5.5 liters, making it suitable for home and commercial use.

It has a stainless steel work bowl that can be used for chopping and slicing fruits, vegetables, or any other food items you may have in your kitchen.

It also has a large feed tube with an adjustable cutting blade, so you don’t need to worry about over-feeding it.

 Easy to clean 

It is the best quality juicer that can give you healthy juice. It has a very easy-to-clean design, and it’s super easy to clean as well.

It comes with a built-in strainer for easy and quick cleanup. It also comes with an adjustable feed tube, which allows you to adjust the amount of pulp you get from the fruit.

Small Feed Chute

If we talk about its feeding mouth, it has a small chute to enter fruits or veggies.

Due to the smallmouth inserting ingredients requires more time to prepare the juice recipes than other omega juicers.

Due to the inclusion of some extra components, we can make a variety of food and juice

3 stage auger

Omega’s J8006HDS is a slow juicing machine that operates at low speeds and produces quiet sound.

It has three stages, with an 8x stronger Ultem auger for efficient operation of the juice through bruising impacts within its masticating process. This process helps extract all flavors from fruits or vegetables without heating them too much, so they don’t lose nutrients during extraction time.

It features dual speed augers with slow speeds for easier handling of softer fruits or vegetables like berries, making them taste better than ever before!

Adjustable End Cap

This is a slow-speed, dual-stage masticating juicer with an adjustable end cap to help you get the most juice possible from your fruits and vegetables. The end cap is also adjustable to get the perfect amount of pulp in your juice.

An adjustable end cap ensures that your pulp stays inside the container when pouring off the excess juice into other containers after using it as well!

All-in-One Juicer

This omega juicer is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that can be used to make juice, pasta, chop vegetables, mince herbs, and even grind coffee beans. It’s a versatile machine that can do it all.

It has two speeds; high speed for tearing through hard fruits or vegetables with ease, while low speed provides more control when making creamy nut butter.

The dual-stage system enables you to produce both dry pulps (for cleaning) and a well-wetter result. This extra step also helps improve nutrient extraction by releasing them slowly during auger action.

Cold Press Technology

This juicer comes with cold press technology, which extracts more nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

So it can be stored at room temperature without being exposed to oxygen for too long. This means you’re getting much higher-quality juice with lower yields!

Due to Cold Press Technology, Omega’s J8006HDS extracts more nutrient juice from fruits and vegetables without damaging them or changing their flavor profile with unnecessary heat treatment.

It extracts juice with little air and produces almost zero foam, which means more nutrients from your fruits/veggies!

Quiet Operation

It is an excellent juicer for home or office use. It operates at low speeds, so it won’t create too much noise compared to high-speed centrifugal juicers which are too noisy.

It has dual stages to help better extract nutrients from fruit (especially leafy greens), and most importantly – NO Fuss!

Boost Immune system

One of the many benefits of juicing with the Omega J8006HDS is that it helps to boost your immune system. The nutrient-rich juice produced by this machine is packed full of vitamins and minerals essential for a healthy immune system.

Some of the key nutrients that are found in juicer juice include vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. These nutrients work together to help boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

Juicer Type

There are many masticating juicers defined by their different features, but there are two main types of juicers popular in the market.

The first type is the horizontal juicer, and the second type is the vertical juicer. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

So Omega juicer J8006HDS is a horizontal type of juicer with its auger placed horizontally in the juicing chamber. This juicer is more efficient in juicing leafy greens and soft fruits.

Homogenizing Cone

It comes with a blank homogenizing cone. This is a great addition if you want to make nut butter, baby food, or sorbets.

The blank Cone allows you to grind and puree your ingredients without adding any water or liquid.

It’s also great for making sauces, dressings, and marinades. Add your ingredients to the blank Cone and blend until smooth.

Juice Bowl Material

The juicing bowl is made of durable, BPA-free plastic with a 500ml capacity of juice fill. This material is food-safe and won’t leach any chemicals into your juicer juice. It’s also dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


This juicer is a horizontal juicer with a sleek design. It’s compact and takes up less counter space than other juicers on the market. It is available in silver color.

This juicer model is 14.5 inches high, 6.5 inches in width, and 14.5 inches tall. It is standing on its four own sturdily and rubber feet to prevent it from slipping or moving around on the counter.


As Omega Juicer is a slow-speed juicer and works on low-speed technology to run at 80 RPM. This low speed protects and maintains healthy enzymes, prevents oxidation, and allows juice to be stored for 72 hours without degradation.

Other Omega juicers run at a very high speed up to 16000 RPM, which quickly heats up the juicing process and damages healthy enzymes in fruits and vegetables. So Omega 8006 juicer gives healthy and fresh juice at a slow speed.

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How to Set up Omega J8006HDS Juicer

when we buy Omega juicer then it is in disassembled form. when we unbox it then first of all we assemble its part. so here, i will tell you how we will assemble its parts together for juicing.

So here’s the base motor the part that plugs in and drives the whole thing. this motor base is like by itself. it’s like 13 pounds or something like that there’s a feeder tube and a piece that Parts plugs directly into this.

there is the auger, the strainer, grinder piece. There’s an end piece that has sort of an adjustment for how thick you are grinding and what comes out at the end. After that, There’s a feeding sort of tray that sits on top and a feeder tube and then, of course, the two for the pulp.

once the juice is coming out of the system and then there are some extra pieces that are used for extruding. there’s a bunch of end inserts with various holes and sizes. we don’t use this for juicing but this comes with it.

There is a piece that doesn’t grind. it just pushes and so that when it mixes, it just pushes out the end right so nothing comes out of the juicer bottom when this is inserted.  it’s like a blank end for these caps that are fit in for the extruding part.

there are no adjustments on that thing. there’s also a strainer for the juice that would fit. you know again inside the juicer container for the output to strain out any like this.

The auger fits into the feeder tube pretty straightforwardly. there’s a hole in the end right at the end. This auger fits into this unit. it comes out the end. it grabs and sort of chops up and then gradually squishes it at the end.

there’s a grinder strainer combo and then the big sort of piece fits down on the bottom. it goes in here where the juice comes out right.  so you see there’s a tab that fits inside there and then the end just goes on that.

it turns counterclockwise when you’re tightening. it’s so you actually go on the end right and then o’clock counterclockwise right that’s tightened. you have an adjustment on the end for how tight it squeezes. this also then goes right into just straight in.

Don’t strain it and then this twists too closed to hold it in place. if this ever turns even slightly, you’re feeding this too much too quickly. so chop it down a little bit further then this little feeder cap thing goes on here where you can set stuff and then push it down into the feeder tube.

The juice catch goes underneath with this bottom tube and then out the end. you put this other thing on the end to catch any of the pulp that’s coming out the end. Then you use this feeder piece right here.

so if you look at the size of this once, it’s put together. this is exactly what it is you figure. it’s you know maybe 14 inches deep from the end.  if you’re counting the catch, you know end to end and then it is really only if you look at it.

it’s only about seven inches less than seven inches wide. you know front to back and then height-wise with the feeder piece on it. you’re gonna see it’s thirteen inches tall total. only pick it up from this handle right?

I always take this off just to make sure I don’t make the mistake of grabbing this. But so you just take it off if you’re gonna move this some grab it by this handle right that’s it that’s the Assembly of the omega juicer.

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What is the Difference between Omega j8006hds vs j8006hdc?

The difference between Omega j8006hds vs Omega j8006hdc juicers is that the Omega J8006 HDS is the 5th generation of Omega’s horizontal masticating juicer. It retains all the features of the 4th generation omega j8006hdc in chrome color with a few additional improvements.

Here are some differences that you keep in mind before buying

  • Omega J8006HDS is completely BPA free which gives healthy juice, but Omega J8006HDC has some BPA material.
  • It is an upgraded form of Omega j8006HDC that comes with extra features to increase juice yield and efficiency.
  • It has a juicing screen made from stainless steel, whereas the Omega J8006HDC is made from nylon.
  • It comes with a tray that is large and helps to catch the pulp, whereas omega J8006HDC has a tray that is small.
  • Omega J8006HDS has a high juice yield and power as compared to Omega J8006HDC.
  •  It has a wider feed chute that is 3 inches wide, while the omega j8006hdc has a narrower feed chute.
  • The Omega j8006HDS comes with a homogenizing attachment that helps to make nut butter, baby food, and pasta, while the Omega j8006hdc does not have this attachment.
  • -The j8006hds model of Omega juicer has a juice cap that helps to keep the juice fresh and stops oxidation, while the omega j8006hdc does not have this feature
  • It comes with a cleaning brush, while the omega j8006hdc does not have this feature.

What is the difference between Omega nc800 vs Omega j8006HDS?

The main difference between the Omega NC800HDS and the Omega J8006HDS is that the NC800HDS has high efficiency and juicer yield as compared to Omega j8006HDS.

Here are some main features on which both are different:

  • Omega NC800 has 5 adjustable settings, while the Omega j8006 has 3 pressure settings.
  • Omega j8006HDS has a large tray to feed fruit or veggies, but Omega NC800 does not include it.
  • Omega NC800 has an 18.7lb weight compared to the 19.4lb weight of Omega j8006HDS.
  • Omega J8006 has 6 nozzles that include 2 nozzles for breadstick and 4 nozzles for pasta, while the Omega NC800 has 4 nozzles of which 3 are for pasta and 1 for a breadstick.
  • It consists of one strainer to get pulp-free fresh juice, while the Omega NC800 does not include any strainer.

Is the Auger of Omega J8006HDS made of Plastic?

No, the auger of this Omega model is made from GE Ultem material which is 8x stronger than most plastics and doesn’t break down like other juicers. It is hygienic in U.S. FDA-approved material. It is a rubber that is much harder than other juicer materials. It has high strength and durability, with which it stands for a long time to operate.

Where is this omega juicer manufacturer?

This omega juicer is made in South Korea.

Can we use This Juicer for Commercial Use?

This juicer has high efficiency, high juice yield, and quality and power than other Omega models, but we cannot use it on a commercial scale for juicing. If you run it continuously for 30 minutes or more, it heats up and increases the chance of damaging its motor. It also can give oxidized juice, which is not healthy. So we cannot use it for commercial use.

Can we replace omega j8006hds parts if damaged?

Yes, all parts are replaceable. You can order them directly from Omega or a local Omega juicer dealer. You can buy them, but they are not free. You have to pay for the part that you want to buy. Each part has its special price.

Can I use an Omega J8006HDS juicer for whole Fruits?

No, you cannot use this omega juicer model for whole fruits like apples or oranges because it is a small feeding chute. You have first to cut apple fruits into small pieces, and then you can put them into the chute for the juicing process.


Omega juicers are well-known for their quality and performance. The Omega 8006HDS is an excellent addition to any kitchen if your main goal is to juice fruits and veggies to get fresh juice full of nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

You also can use it if you want juice with minimal pulp. You can also make smoothies, sorbet, almond milk, and other recipes. But if you’re going to save time from chopping soft fruits or veggies, you must find another juicer in the market.

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