How To Juice Ginger Root (Effective Methods)

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Ginger is a very beneficial thing for your healthy life. It’s the most delicious and nutritious spice on the planet. So maintain your luxury lifestyle with it. Everyone needs to know how to juice ginger root. Just learn powerful and delicious ginger juice recipe tips and tricks and make it quickly.

Ginger juice recipes are very helpful to improve your immune system and can fight off germs to prevent any infection like cold/flu, etc. You may get well soon with a homemade ginger juice recipe and feel fresh when you use fresh ginger juice.

Fresh ginger has more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which will give you a notable improvement in your health and reduce the number of high cholesterol levels, and is very helpful to burn fat in your body.

In addition to cooking, if you add it to your tea, it makes your tea delicious and may help relieve nausea or pain, improve digestion, soothing muscle pains.

So, it will be very interesting and helpful for everyone to use fresh ginger juice in any form and add it to their daily life routine and see the noticeable result. So, keep scrolling and read all ginger recipes with different methods.

How To Juice Ginger Root – 3 Best Way To Juice Ginger

There are countless ideas for making ginger juice recipes. But there, we are going to share a few methods that work almost well and require small efforts.

 Method 1: 

How To Juice Ginger Root Without a Juicer?

In this method, we are going to make ginger juice without a juicer. You can Extract Ginger Juice with a Grater. This may take a few minutes because the juicer works most efficiently.  you can get it without a juicer, and without any mess, you can make it quickly. Follow all steps Carefully.

For serving one person

Time duration 20 minutes


  • 3-4 fresh ginger
  • Half cup water
  • One teaspoon honey
  • 2-3 drop lemon


  • First, wash and peel ginger off the skin with a scrubber.
  • Now simply grate it and strain it ginger roots through a sheet of cheesecloth or with a fine strainer.
  • Remove all Plup of ginger properly.
  • Now add it in a glass. It’s your choice which you like most hot water or cold after this add some honey or lemon for taste.
  • Now the fresh ginger juice is ready, and you can store it only for 1-2 days.
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 Method 2: 

How to Juice Ginger Root In a Juicer?  

The next and most efficient method is how to make ginger root juice in just 10 minutes. It can be made in a blender, ginger juicer, or food processor and is the very best recipe on hot summer days. Plus you can also take it on winter days.

Serving For Two Persons (2 Glasses of homemade ginger juice)

Time Duration 20 minutes


  • 3-4 ginger
  • Sweetener for taste
  • Two celery sticks
  • Three pears
  • Half green apple
  • Half cucumber
  • Some mint leaves
  • Two stalks of fennel
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  • First, wash the ginger properly and peel out all skin. You should properly check out if any blemish or damaged part of ginger appears. You have to cut all the blemishes.
  • Now again, wash it roughly and cut it into small pieces.
  • Now, add ginger cubes to a juicer feed tube.
  • Place the bowl or glass under the juicer spout.
  • Now, turn it on and use a plunger for pushing the ginger cubes, and it will Extract all the ginger juice in a bowl where you place it under the spouts.
  • Add flavorful food to it like two celery sticks and two stacks of fennel, three pears. Now push one by one the juicer tube through the plunger.
  • After this, add half green apple and half cucumber.
  • You can also add some fresh mint leaves to enhance the taste of the juice.
  • After finishing all the ginger root cubes then turn off the juicer.
  • Now it’s ready to drink delicious ginger juice. You can store it for only 1-2 days in the refrigerator.


If you have any confusion, follow the user manual’s instructions to disassemble and clean it.

 Method 3: 

How to juice ginger in a blender?

In this method, you can get a trick on how to prepare ginger juice in a blender. It’s a very easy and quick way for ginger to blend efficiently. So, Follow all instructions consciously.

Time duration 15-20 minutes

Serving For two-person


  • Take 3-4 medium size ginger
  • One lemon juice
  • Half cup Water( Hot or Cold)
  • Sweetener ( Honey or Sugar)


  • Wash the ginger roots properly
  • Peel off the skin and cut the damaged and blemished part of the ginger.
  • Cut into the small chunks
  • Wash it out again.
  • Now add it into the blender with half a glass of water. Turn on the blender and run it for 2-3 minutes
  • When ginger is blended properly.
  • Add some Sweetener for taste and one lemon juice.
  • Pour through a fine sieve or with a good strainer
  • Now, the fresh ginger juice is ready to drink.


Here are some optional add-ins that make your ginger root juice more delightful and flavourful. You can add it with ginger according to your taste.

  • Fresh Herbs: you can add some fresh basil, fresh mint leaves, thyme, and rosemary. All Are good to taste with ginger.
  • Vanilla Extract: You can also add vanilla extract to make your ginger smoothie flavourful.
  • Citrus Juice: You can also add alternatives for this recipe lime juice and orange juice.
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How to Extract Ginger Juice?

In this method, you need to know how to extract juice from ginger. And with this, you can make a powerful homemade ginger juice recipe for fighting off germs and preventing the cold or flu by using freshly extracted ginger juice.

Time duration 15 minutes


175-gram ginger ( 8-10 ginger)


  • First of all, wash all ginger roots thoroughly.
  • Now dry with a towel or kitchen cloth.
  • Peel off properly and remove blemishes.
  • Now, Grate with a fine and sharp grater.
  • Place a sieve or cheesecloth over a glass or jar and put all the grated ginger into the sieve.
  • After this, hold the sieve or cheesecloth strongly and push all ginger pulp with a spoon and properly extract all ginger juice. The ginger feels Completely dry.
  • Now use it with honey and black pepper, one spoon in the morning, and once at night for relieving your cough and cold.

How to Make Ginger Juice With Ginger Powder?

If you don’t have fresh ginger due to any reason, use the best ginger powder, which you can buy from any online store or near your house. You can also make homemade ginger powder if you want to store ginger in powder form. So. Now use this recipe and make ginger juice with ginger powder.

Serving For Two person

Time 5 Minutes


  • The ginger powder as required
  • Honey
  • Lemon


  • Take a hot pan, and add 2 cups of water to it.
  • Please put it on the stove and turn on the flame.
  • Boil it for 2 minutes and add one tablespoon of ginger powder. Boil it for one minute and turn off the flame.
  • Now, pour it into two cups.
  • Add some honey and one to two drops of lemon to both cups.
  • Now enjoy your winter fresh-feeling drinks.

what are the best juicer for ginger?

Selecting the best juicer for ginger involves considering efficiency, ease of use, and juice quality.

Masticating juicers, like the Omega NC900HDC, excel at extracting ginger’s essence without compromising nutrients. Their slow, grinding motion ensures optimal juice yield and preserves ginger’s beneficial enzymes.

Centrifugal juicers, such as the Breville Juice Fountain Plus, offer speed but may generate more heat, potentially impacting ginger’s delicate compounds.

Cold press juicers, exemplified by the Hurom HP Slow Juicer, operate slowly, minimizing heat and oxidation for nutrient-rich ginger juice. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences, budget, and the desired balance between speed and nutritional retention.

Ginger Juice Benefits

There are countless benefits of ginger juice for health.

  • Helping to reduce nausea
  • Help in digestive and Natural stomach treatment
  • Helping to regulate blood sugar level
  • High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to control Cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Best used for cold flu and cough infections, and many people use it in different ways for preventing cold and cough in winter.
  • Reduce metabolism and are very helpful For weight loss.
  • May significantly reduce menstrual pain
  • Improve heart disease risk factor
  • It has Powerful Medicinal Properties and use in different medications.


if you want to know about peeling ginger is necessary before juicing then you can learn about it from this website.


we have learned 3 different ways how we can extract juice effectively with a juicer, blender, etc.

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