How To Juice Celery Without A Juicer ( Beginner’s Guide )

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Celery is high in fiber and minerals, and it helps in cholesterol reduction, constipation relief, stress hormone reduction, inflammation reduction, and many other health advantages. There are many ways to get celery juice. Now the question raised in your mind is how to juice celery without a juicer. To overcome this stress here, we bring the best celery juice recipe without a juicer to improve your health.

How to juice celery without a juicer?

Without a costly juicer, here’s a quick and easy way to produce celery juice at home.

Turnaround Time:

  • Time allotted: 5 minutes
  • Time to prepare: 2 minutes
  • Time to cook: 2 minutes
  • Yields:45 oz


  • 1/2 large organic celery bunch
  • 24 oz water
  • 1 lemon

Mandatory Appliances :

  • Blender/Manual Hand Press Chopper
  • Nut milk bag or cheesecloth
  • Mason jar (for storage)


Step 1: Cut the celery into small pieces and put them in the Blender/Manual Hand Press Chopper.

Step 2: Gradually add  24 ounces of cooled, filtered water.

Step 3: Cut a lemon into 2 pieces and squeeze it into a Blender/Manual Hand Press.

Step 4: On the liquify settings, blend on high for three minutes or press the chopper manually.

Step 5: Strain the celery pulp from the juice with the help of a nut milk bag and pour it into a mason jar or a separate bowl as per your choice. Your green juice is ready to serve!

Note: You can store it for 48 hours in the fridge.

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How to make celery juice in a blender?

if you do not have a juicer and want to extract the juice from celery then you can use the blender. You can follow these steps when you use the blender for celery juice

Step 1

first of all, take celery and separate celery stalks from its base.

Step 2

wash the celery so that no dust or duct particles remain with it.

Step 3

cut the celery stalks into small pieces and then put these chopped celeries into the blender

Step 4

Put half or one cup of water into this juicer blender and cover it with its lid. Then blend the celery into a blender until it gets the shape of a smoothie.

Step 5

When the celery smoothie becomes in a blender then pour it into nut milk bags. you can squeeze it with your hands to get celery juice from this blending mixture of water and celery stalks.

How to make celery juice taste good?

There are many ways to make celery juice taste betters. you can add different ingredients to celery. you can add ginger, apple, and lemon to celery to make different celery juice recipes.

How to make celery juice with a Juicer?

There are many ways to extract the best celery juice. It’s actually quite simple to make celery juice. Only celery stalks and a juicer are required. Just follow the steps and get fresh green juice.

  • Take two celery bunches and trim off the base and top of the stalks.
  • In a colander, carefully wash the stems.
  • Feed the celery through the juicer’s feeding tube.
  • Serve the juice right away, and store any leftovers in the fridge in a firmly covered jar just for 24 hours only.

What is the best juicer for celery?

Omega MM900HDS Celery Juicer is one of the best juicers for celery. Things We Appreciate in this juicer are the High production of celery juice, 3-minute clean-up time, and a 15-year warranty.

What happens if you consume celery juice on a regular basis?

Drinking 16 oz of fresh celery juice can improve your health and digestion. It can help with acidosis, blood purification, digestion, migraine prevention, nerve relaxation, blood pressure reduction, and skin disorders.

Furthermore, because the celery juice diet prescribes a significant volume of juice each day, it may increase your sodium intake alarmingly.

Is it true that celery juice might help you lose abdominal fat?

While drinking celery juice on a regular basis is the latest health obsession, it isn’t enough to help you lose weight. Still, if you drink celery juice instead of high-calorie beverages, it may help you lose weight.

Furthermore, it may aid in the reduction of inflammation and blood pressure.

How to juice celery without a juicer or blender?

In the past, people got celery juice with a manual hand-press chopper to make smoothies of celery. But it was a time taking process. In the modern era, where time is short, we must use a juicer or blender to timely get the juice in and get ready for other tasks.

Final Words

If you want to try juice celery without a juicer, our celery juice recipes will help you obtain all of the celery’s antioxidant benefits without sacrificing fiber.

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