How To Clean A Juicer: 10 Juicer Cleaning Hacks

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When bits of fruit and juices begin to decay, they make a layer on the walls of the juicer, which is called gunk. This layer is dangerous for health. Besides this, it provides a better place for the growth of bacteria. Removing this layer from the juicer is necessary, and everyone wants to know how to clean a juicer. You can remove this by adopting many simple methods.

The Kitchen is the only place where we can make the juices comfortably to stay healthy, fit, and hydrated. But whenever we are talking about drinking and making juices, we should also clean the juicer machines.

when we use the best cold pressed juicer as well as centrifugal juicer then these juicers leave a pulp inside. it can produce bacteria so must clean the juicer regularly.

In the past few years, juicing has created its name, and nowadays, no one is ready to use the old-fashioned ways to make juice.

Instead, everyone wants to make juice with modern juicer machines. You can read the complete guide on the best juicers reviews with a complete buying and cleaning guide

So, to achieve this goal, you must also come to clean these modern machines, which means you have to take the latest tools and extraordinary pieces of equipment to clean them.

Here, we will elaborate you many tips about how to clean a juicer. These are as follows:

Things you need to purchase to clean a juicer

For proper cleaning of any juicer, you should need these things

  • water
  • spatula
  • Juicer Cleaning Brush
  • a scrubber
  • mild dish soap
  • soft cloth
  • A nice bristle brush
  • A microfiber cloth
  • A standard eraser

A nice bristle brush

You should purchase a friendly and stiff bristle brush if you want to clean your juicer efficiently. It is inexpensive, so you can often replace it, so it doesn’t get any bacterial build-up or anything like that.

In addition, many juicers these days come with a cleaning brush, but if we check the tip of the meeting properly, we find not many bristles on there.

In contrast, there are at least two times or three times as bristle on the other brush we purchase from the market.

A Microfiber clothes

The other thing that is needed to clean a juicer is a microfiber cloth.

It tends to scrub and get in more quickly than a paper towel or a cotton cloth wound.

It is fine sandpaper, and it doesn’t scratch anything.

Instead, it picks up and carries the dirt or stains off with it. So, it is constructive while cleaning the juicer.

Standard Eraser

The other thing that is helpful while cleaning a juicer is a standard type of eraser. It can help buff out any residual stains stuck in the juicer to get them out. It does not necessarily clean the juicer parts but cleans the juicer body and motor body.

10 Easy Tips To Know How To Clean A Juicer

Here is an easy procedure to clean a juicer machine that you can follow while cleaning your Omega, Breville, Kuvings, and other juicers


Here is the procedure for juicer cleaning hacks that will be helpful for you.

1) First of all, you should have to unplug your juicer machine or switch off your juicer so you must read the given manual for How to disassemble juicer. Each juicer brand provides a juicer guide manual.

2) In the second step, you should disassemble your juicer as possible if you feel difficulty in this, then you can read instructions from the guarantee book, or you can search online about this product

3) The container which contains pulp or garbage is carefully scraped with a spatula

4) Put each piece under running water or put them in soap mixed water except the electrical components.

5) Sometimes, small parts of the machine remain unwashed. It causes a decrease in production to use small brushes. you can find them online. a small quantity of baking soda with a damp cloth may help scrub power.

6) for more thorough cleaning filled the sink with water and add dish soap to it, then put each piece into the water for two or four minutes and then wash it with a cloth and brush

7) Mesh strainer quickly filled up with pulp and juice debris, so pay special heed to its cleaning do not allow the juice particles to dry in it because they can reduce the progress of the juicer

8) Juice can end up anywhere, so clean it with a soft cloth, or you can use sponge moisture for its cleaning

9) Allow all of these pieces to dry completely for at least 10 to 15 minutes, or you can apply cloth for cleaning

10) Now reassemble your juicer machine but do it very carefully put every piece in its place

11) Your juicer machine is completely ready now for the next juicing session

Things You Need To Avoid Cleaning A Juicer

Here are the following things you need to avoid when you are cleaning your juicer.


The most important thing you do not use when cleaning your juicer is a standard sponge. It has a scouring pad on it that’s not the proper tool to clean the juicer. It is kind of like mashing in the pulp, and it does not clean things too well.

Cleaning time

Clean the juicer rights after you are done juicing. It is a critical fact. Please don’t leave the juicer without cleaning it because the pulp sitting inside the juicer dries on the screen, and it becomes five times harder to clean it.

In addition, try to wash the juicer in the kitchen sink because, in the sink, the smaller lines of water streams come on at the juicer with high pressure, which helps to move the pulp of the juicing screen and the juicing parts.

How to clean a juicer with stains

It often happens to most people that they are not the best at cleaning juicer stains. These juicers are pretty stained, and they don’t know how to get rid of the paint. These juicers have orange stains and carrot stains, and some are the color pigmented stains juicers. Some juicers also pick up on mineral deposit stains.

The simple step is that you need the citric acid and baking soda into the water in equal amounts and sock it for 12 hours. Then clean strains with the juicer cleaning brush.

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How to clean juicer gadgets fast?

This tip is for the ones human beings who’ve no longer time to profoundly cleanse the juicer.

So, they should take all the juicier elements they know about the juicer and bring a massive dish to soak all the ingredients and clean the parts well with soap.

In this case, we will not assure you that every stain can be removed, but it is subtle for those who have no time to clean the juicer properly.

Which type of juicer should we buy to clean it quickly?

There are many of the best juicers with easy cleanup in the market. We should buy a juicer with fewer parts to clean and, more importantly, less screen area to clean because it saves time and makes your juicer easier.

The most challenging part of cleaning any machine is the juicing screen because the pulp gets stuck in all of the holes around them.

In our opinion, Elite takes several minutes to clean, and instead of this machine, centrifugal juicers are the easiest juicer to clean on the entire market.

There are just a few parts to clean, including the end cap, the juicing screen, the auger, and the main housing.

How to clean juicer filter

There is no such science as cleaning juicer filters.  it is simple that you must soak the juicer filters in a mixture of water and citric acid so that it decomposes dust particles.

Then after 1 or 2 hours, wash the juicer filters with water and you will get a clean filter and use them again. if you want to buy a new juicer filter then we highly recommend this from amazon.

How to clean Omega juicer parts

if you are using an Omega juicer and then you will be worried to clean it. Omega User recommended cleaning omega juicer parts once a month so you must clean the omega juicer one or two times in one month.

There are many ways to clean omega juicer parts that juicer users use.  best way is that you disassemble all omega juicer parts then put them into the water and add some amount of Cascade detergent and keep all parts in this solution for 24 hours.

After then, take out each part and wash with normal water with a little rub of brush, and your Omega juicer is fully cleaned.

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Final Thoughts

We hope these facts and tips about how to clean juicer buildup will leave a good impression in your head about cleaning a juicer machine because we have reviewed all the best methods after deep research about juicers. Therefore, we are assured that you will find it easy now to clean a juicer, and hope you will apply all the recommended methods.

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