6 Best Juicer For No Pulp 2023 Reviews [ Premium Juicers ]

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Our 3 Top Picks


Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer

hamilton beach juicer

  • Maximum juice yield
  • Slow speed cold press juicer
  • Foam free juice

Fezen Cold Press Juicer

fezen juicer

  • 95% More Juice
  • Juice & Pulp Separation
  • 1-year warranty

Bextcok Juicer

bextcok juicer

  • 95% nutritional value
  • Higher Juicer Yield and Drier Pulp
  • Strong and quiet motor

if you are looking for the best juicers that give a high juicing yield with less pulp even no pulp then you can search the term as “the best juicer for no pulp” on google, amazon, Walmart, etc to get perfect results.

Juicing is a neat way to add healthy food ingredients into your body and the best electric juicer given from the best juicer brands like Omega, Breville, Hurom, Kuvings juicers, etc helps you extract maximum juice from fruits and veggies.

A glass of juice of fruits or veggies keeps your whole day fresh. Though the pulp of juices is a great source of fiber, it still prevents you from enjoying smooth juice.

The best way to enjoy nutrients and smooth juice in one place is through the best pulp-free juicer with maximum juice extraction. But few juicers in the market can extract pulp-free juices efficiently.

We, here, recommend you buy a Bextcok Juicer that gives a high juice yield with the least pulp waste.

We have researched, buy different juicers,s and tested those to choose the best juicer without pulp. Here is a detailed guide for you about the best juicers that leave no pulp.

Each product description, pros, and cons, the worth of buying, updated buying guide, frequently asked questions, and conclusion will help you buy the best electric juicer for you successfully. Have a look

Take a Look On Top 6 Picks for Best Juicer For No Pulp

Here is the comparison table of the top 6 Juicers With Less Waste that has the outstanding performance to remove the highly dry pulp to give a high juice yield.


hamilton beach masticating slow juicer

Hamilton Beach

    • Brand: Hamilton Beach
    • Material: Plastic
    • Power: 150W
    • Best Thing: Max. Juice Yield

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cuisinart csj 300 juicer

Cuisinart CSJ-300

    • Brand: Cuisinart
    • Color: Silver/Black
    • Power: 200W
    • Best Thing: For Hard, Soft fruits


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fezen masticating juicer reviews

Fezen Juicer Fezen Juicer
    • Brand: Fezen
    • Speed: Slow & Fast
    • Power: 150 Watts
    • Best Thing: 95% More Juice

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bextcok juicer Bextcok Juicer Bextcok Juicer
      • Brand: Bextcok
      • Power: 200 Watts
      • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
      • Best Thing: Auto Dry Pulp Extractor

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CHULUX centrifugal juicer CHULUX Juicer CHULUX Juicer
      • Brand: CHULUX
      • Power: 500 Watts
      • Blades: Stainless steel
      • Best Thing: 65 mm wide chute

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Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Juicer

Omega VSJ843QR Vertical Juicer
      • Brand: Omega
      • Warranty: 15 years
      • Power: 250 watts
      • Juicer Style: Verticle

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1) Hamilton Beach Masticating slow juicer – Top Pick

The Hamilton Beach Low-Speed Juicer will be a great choice if you want healthy fruits quickly in your diet. This helps you grab maximum juice while adding more dietary and healthy nutrients to your lifestyle. The folks want to make delicious juices with minimum effort, and this slow juicer has the following features.

hamilton beach masticating slow juicer

Unique Design

This Hamilton Beach juicer has a unique silver color look. The weight of the juicer is 9.92 Pounds and measures 7.44 x 12.6 x 13.46 inches for dimensions.

This slow juicer is made of high-quality plastic and BPA Free that lasts for years. The open mouth of the machine holds a large fruit inside. Overall, the juicer has easy assembly and easy-to-clean features.

Enjoy Cold pressed juices

If you want to enjoy cold-pressed, healthy, and fresh juice, Hamilton Beach is the best juicer in the USA.

This juicer has a great ability to transform approximately all types of veggies and fruits into smooth juice. This versatile juice machine makes beverages with full nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. These cold-pressed juices ease your juicing life.

Maximum Juice Yield

This juicer features a durable Tritan drill that runs on a 150-watt motor. This motor can crush and squeezes the maximum amount of juice from fruit at a slow speed but creates almost no noise. This centrifugal juicer is specifically designed for extracting leafy greens.

Foam-Free Juice

The best feature about the juicer is the froth separator also has a 24 oz BPA-free juice cup. Both work together to separate strains off the foam when you pour the juice inside. Its slow masticating action provides you with Smoother Juice with no foam; it adds a taste to your daily routine.

Easy To Clean

The parts of most juicers are made of low-quality material and plastic having sticky nature; the juice adheres to these juicers, and cleaning becomes much more difficult.

This juicer has easy-to-rinse parts, and you need no scrubbing on them. Besides this, the juicers with less waste have all dishwasher-safe parts such as the juice bowl, pusher, and bin so that you can clean them all with a strainer cleaning brush.

  • Cold press juicing process
  • Maximum Juice Yield
  • It is the best juicer without pulp
  • No foam in the juice
  • Unique Design and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Bad customer service

What we love bout it:

According to best juicer 2023 consumer reports, the Hamilton Beach juicer is the top quality juicer that proved as the best juicer with less pulp. The foam in the juice prevents you from enjoying smooth juicing during its froth separator and 24 oz. The BPA-free cup offers you foam-free juice.

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2) Cuisinart CSJ-300 Slow Juicer – Premium Juicer

If you want to buy a good-looking, easy-to-use, and stylish juicer, the Cuisinart Slow Juicer will be the perfect option for you. This easy-to-clean juicer is designed with special Engineering that offers maximum extraction for you. Please have a look at its awesome feature.

cuisinart csj 300 juicer

High-quality design

This silver color product has 11.25 Pounds weight and measures 10.24 x 6.97 x 18.27 inches in dimensions. The juicer has a minimal spatial footprint and a sleek design.

Though this appealing countertop juicer has a sleek look, it still has a bit longer design that fits amazingly in your kitchen. Compared to its Cuisinart juicers, this one has a great bang for the buck.

Smooth juicing quality

True juice lovers, most want smooth juices and no pulp, which is the quality of this juicer. In one try, you can make an ample amount of juice on this juicer.

The unique quality of this juicer is extremely dry pulp, which is solid proof of this juicer extracts the maximum quality of juice. This juice has no rough condition; instead, you can enjoy smooth fruits and veggies juicing quality with no pulp.

It makes a variety of juices.

This juicer makes almost all types and amounts of juices. Such as you can make juices of wheat grasses, the essence of nuts, fibrous ginger, leafy kale, sprouts, and soft grapes in seconds. But, you may be unable to extract the juices of greens as the juicer is made of plastic.

For masticating greens, plastic filters don’t do the best job. However, if you cut the apple and carrots in small sizes, you can quickly make crisp juice.

Juice quality

An awesome feature of the Cuisinart CSJ-300 is its lasting juice quality. It has a masticating auger that offers great taste but keeps the juices cool during mashing.

it retains less heat and air inside the juice by lowering the aeration process that’s why juices last for more than 60 hours.

The juices with aeration have less life and no nutrients after a few hours, but this feature able you to save the juice for a long time.

Make your day more delicious.

If you want to enjoy homemade, delicious, and fresh beverages in no time, it Offers tastier. It provides you the option to make pressed juices and add milk to make different tonics and spritzers.

this way adds healthy nutrients to your juices. These ways allow you to make delicious beverage options in one machine. Besides this, it has a mesh-free filter that filters juice in such a way by remaining dry pulp only.

Powerful motor

This best slow juicer comes with a high-quality, powerful motor that works fastly but makes slow juices that remain healthy and are a perfect daily diet for you. The juices processing is really quiet with no noise but strong enough to crush all fruits in minutes.

Easy To Clean

The best juicer easy to clean comes with dishwasher-safe and removable parts. The juicer is plastic made; still, its parts have no sticky nature to provide instant cleaning.

It comes with a plastic basket for pulp collecting, and you don’t even need of brush for cleaning. The mesh-free filter is also easy to clean, but the shame is the juicer is not BPA-free.

  • Strong motor
  • Compact design
  • Produces less heat
  • High juicing quality
  • Not BPA free

What we love about it:

The juicer comes with a masticating auger that lowers the aeration process and produces less heat so juice remains healthy for many hours. you can ask if this is the best no pulp juicer that extracts all pulp during juicing fruits and veggies.

3) Fezen Cold Press Juicer -Best Overall

Food experts recommend using 800 grams of fruits per day, and most people, especially children, don’t want to eat solid fruits, so juice is an awesome way to enjoy healthy fruits. Frozen Cold Press Juicer offers you to enjoy slow juices at home.

fezen masticating juicer reviews

Anti-Slip Design

The orange color juicer has a sweet look, and its weight is only 10.27 pounds. It measures 16.4 x 6.1 x 12.1 inches and it uses 150 watt_hours wattages. The most circular motor has faults in design and becomes caught in the momentum, while this juicer has an oval pusher that keeps the juicer in place while juicing process.

The awesome feature in the design is a small feeder chute with that your baby remains safe if you insert the hands inside the machine. At the bottom, you will find two suction cups that the juicer doesn’t move and makes juice easily.

High Juice Yield

This best juicer with dry pulp comes with 3rd generation drum that changes the internal structure of the juice strainer. Besides this, it has a modern seven-segment spiral masticating system.

when both features combine, they make pulp-free fully squeeze juices of your favorite fruits. FROZEN cold press juicer offers delicious recipes so you can make all types of juices, such as fresh leafy greens, apples, and oranges.

Dual speed programs

This juicer comes with 2 Speeds Modes, while another cold press juicer has only a single working program. At the same time, this one has a 2-speed model that ensures 95% juice yield.

These two features are 85-100RPM “Soft” and 95-110RPM “Hard” mode. The SOFT mode offers watermelon, grape, berries, and orange juices, while the HARD mode makes celery, ginger, carrots, and kale.

Fast and quiet motor

This masticating juicer comes with a fast working motor that produces very little noise. Its noise is less than 60dB which will never disturb your family.

Its intelligent motor has a protection chip that will stop the juicer after 20 minutes of working. You can also reverse the juicer with the “Rev” feature when you clog hard fruits such as carrot juices.

Pulp Separator

The juicer comes with an extra juice and pulp separator, while its modern 7-segment spiral auger runs at 80 RPM and reduces the heating process. Besides this, it lowers the oxidation process and ensures no oxygen.

In this way, juice has more vitamins and minerals because it remains safe, and juice lasts for many days. A filter system removes all pulp and extracts the maximum amount of fruit.

Easy to Use and Clean

All juicer parts are easy to assemble, and your juicer will be ready in one minute. you can also disassemble all parts in one minute.

As using, cleaning is also much easy, and you can clean the juicer with an internal upgrade brush, and BPA free, dishwasher-safe parts make cleaning easier.


This looks so good that you can offer your friends and family as a gift. If you want to the life quality of your juice, FEZEN juicer comments all this with a long warranty of juicer. With lifetime technical support, the company offers you one year warranty.

  • Dual speed programs
  • Anti-Slip Design
  • High Juice Yield
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Less power for hard fruits

Worth buying:

This juicer has two-speed modes that make fast and slow juicers and reverse functions easily crush hard fruits.

4) Bextcok Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer – Best Large

The Bextcok juicer is a great option to meet your needs if you buy a juicing machine with modern features and save money. The juicer has a reliable design, saves your time and price, safe and easy to use. Have a look

bextcok juicer

Compact Design

The good-looking juicer has a compact and modern design. Its weight is 9.63 pounds and measures 15.1 x 13.4 x 7.7 inches in dimensions. The construction material is high-quality plastic, while the blade material is stainless steel. The best thing about the design is it passed FDA requirements and offers BPA-free food-grade materials.

Modern Technology

This Efficient Slow Juicer comes with 8-segment spiral technology. This Bextcok Masticating Juicer technology offers you to enjoy the last drop of juice. In a short time, a higher juice yield keeps your whole day fresh. With Less oxidation and foaming, you will be amazed by the great taste and nutrients of juice.

Efficient Slow Juicer

The older version of this slow juicer was rather low qualities, while this new juicer has a higher yield rate that extracts 15% extra vitamins and 10% more juice with minerals. You can take estimate that it makes 88% celery juice, 75% apple, and 90% oranges juice. These features make the juicer a more valuable product in the market.

A low-speed motor

These Health Gurus run at a low-speed motor that grinds everything finally and provides 95% nutritional value of fruits with no heat and foam. With no heat, you will enjoy the juice with no heat and no oxygen and frothing; in this way, the juice becomes tastier, and you can enjoy healthy enzymes.

No noise

This Bextcok juicer comes with a quiet motor that produces 60 dB, almost no noise, and makes your environment safe while juicing. Besides this, six rubber anti-slip feet of juice keep the juicer stable. Besides its quality features, the best masticating juicers 2023 comes with Lifelong Service.

Easy To Use and Clean

The juicer comes with a safety lock design that provides convenient assembly. Besides this, REVERSE FUNCTION avoids collages of the fruits and makes everything smooth.

Last but not least, juicer parts are detachable, BPA free, and made of food-grade anti-oxidation surface providing the lasting quality of juicer.

Less Prep Time

This juicer has some awesome features, such as it can make hard “Reverse” and get a reverse option by pressing the button for 6 seconds while the “Forward” press enables your juice to prevent from getting stuck. In this way, juices prepare in less time.

  • Efficient Slow Juicer
  • Compact juicer
  • Modern Features
  • Perfect for health
  • Less powerful

What we love about it:

The best slow juicer with no pulp comes with all modern technologies, no noise, and food-grade materials that make the juicer unique from common juicers.

5) CHULUX Juicer Machine – 500W Juicer

If you want a juicer machine with an awesome look, wide feeding chute, power motor, juicer jug, and pulp collector together, CHULUX Juicer Machine will be a perfect choice.

CHULUX centrifugal juicer

Modern Look

The silver-colored juicer is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and its weight is 6.5 Pounds. The dimensions of the product are 13.62 x 11.93 x 7.76 inches. A 65 MM wide feeding chute holds large fruits, a 450 ML juicer jug, a 500W power motor, and a 1600 ML pulp collector.

Provide full nutrition

This Centrifugal juicer provides full nutrition as it is made of corrosion-resistant steel and a sharp blade. Its precision filter is also made of food-grade material that creates healthy beverages for you. It offers delicious drinks with less foaming and no clogging and extracts all minerals and vitamins by providing you with nutrition.

Hold a large fruit inside.

It is time-wasting to spend many minutes cutting fruits as this best masticating juicer holds a large fruit in its mouth. You will don’t need to make pieces of apples and other fruits. It saves you time and sharply makes delicious juices for you.

Dual speed system

This CHULUX comes with dual-speed versatile programs that make every type of juice. The “I” speed offers to make juice of grapes, oranges, and tomatoes while “II” makes you fast juices such as carrots, kale, and vegetables; so you can enjoy your favorite fruits.

Protective features

This best juicer for celery has a safety design that prevents the juicer from overheating. Its automatic protection design provides great safety to cutting hands and electric shocks.

It has non-slip rubber feet that keep the juicer at its place, and you will feel no vibrating while making juice. If your juicer becomes overloaded, any shock of electricity, or any danger, the Overload protection system power the juicer in minutes.


The best juicer comes with dishwasher-safe and BPA-free parts that are removable for easy cleanup. It saves you money and offers you nutritious juices as its construction materials have ETL and FDA certifications, and are BPA-free.

Intelligence Features

it has many intelligent features, such as its 500W powerful motor providing high speed at both high and slow juicing processes. Besides this 1600ML pulp, the collector provides maximum juice and holds all dry pulp. A 450 ML juicer jug can make a large amount of juice inside for your family and friends.

  • Hold a large fruit inside
  • Dual speed system
  • Protective features
  • Provide full nutrition
  • Messy cleanup

What we love about it:

This juicer comes to switch dual-speed systems, has protective features, and Provides full nutrition, so it will be the best option to make delicious juices at home.

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6) Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer- Verticle Juicer

This is another omega juicer with a vertical design and compact size. The motor of the Omega vertical juicer runs at 43 rpm speed, which is the world’s slowest-speed juicer. You can easily make fresh healthiest juice which quickly helps to boost your immune system.

Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer


The vertical drip-free design enables you to stand it in a small space easily. The compact design makes it travel-friendly and handy. You can carry it easily and get the healthiest possible juice.

Healthiest Juice For Boost Immune System

This omega vertical juicer is with compact design and it is the best juicer for beginners. Plus, its powerful, extremely slow-speed motor gives you the maximum amount of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients quickly due to its cold press juicing. In addition, the slow speed helps to preserve 90% of nutrients and avoid heating during processing.


Omegas all Appliance comes with an extended warranty, but the masticating juicer has 15-year extra long warranty. These brands ensure you Coverage on parts and performance whenever you want.

High Yield Juice

A Dual-edge drill enables you to make high-yield juice of different fruits and vegetables even though leafy greens, wheatgrass, and nuts. It’s a tighter fit strain, never loose, and gives you smoother nutrients and dense juice whenever you want.

Juice Life

The omega vertical compact juicer offers long shelf life juice. Because It squeezes out different foods at a low speed until the pulp dries appropriately, it consumes maximum. Nutrients and avoid oxidations that enhance the juice’s life. So, you can store it for 72 hours in the fridge.

Easy to clean and Assemble

The cleaning process is complex for every appliance, but this omega vertical compact masticating juicer has The Auto cleaning system that keeps the screen clear and increases the machine’s efficiency. So, it would be best if you clean after you are finished juicing to get high efficiency and a clear screen.

  • Easy to clean
  • 15 years warranty
  • Dual auger and quiet motor
  • 72 hours of juice life
  • Offer healthy juice without oxidations
  • Expensive

So, overall this is the best masticating juicer on the market because it occupies a very small space. it preserves all nutrients and vitamins that help to boost the immune system and improve overall health.

FAQ About best Juicer With No Pulp

Are the best juicers for no pulp provide 100% pulp-free juices?
Well, it depends upon juicer quality. if the juicer has the best system, they extract all juice and retain no pulp with the help of a filter.

But the best juicer usually removes all juice inside the fruit and remains dry fruit pulp. In this way, you will receive smooth and silky juices. You can easily collect and throw the dry pulp away.

What should I do for the pulp of veggies and fruit?
The juices pulp is full of fibers and beneficial for health, and you make “Pulp-Sicles” and use them in Fritters and Veggie Burgers. Besides this, you can also add Energy Balls and mix baking things. In this way, you can make and enjoy a Veggie Broth.
Which is the best juicer with less waste?
The best juicers with no pulp feature a high-quality compact design, modern look, lasting material, power motor, protective features, dual speed programs.

These also hold a large fruit inside, extract all juice, and are easy to clean. In our opinion, the best centrifugal juicer is Hamilton Beach Masticating slow juicer.

Is a traditional juicer offer the best juicing or blending?
A common juicer comes with pulp-removing qualities, leaving the dry pulp and smooth juices. A traditional juicer offers juice quality by leaving some nutrients inside the fruit, and the blender makes the whole juice full of nutrients with a pulpy texture.
Is pulp of juices dangerous?
Most folks don’t like pulp inside the juice while drinking juice, and it is a fact that silky and smooth juice feels more delicious while drinking. But it is wrong that the pulp of fruits and veggies is dangerous for health.

When you remove the pulp from the juice, it means you are throwing outside minerals and vitamins, and energy-rich nutrients away. Most pulp contains fiber that decreases sugar in the blood but maintains a healthy diet inside. We will recommend you enjoy juice with pulp.

Final Words

Well, we have reviewed the best juicer that leaves no pulp after a depth of research. We conclude our reviews with the words that the best pulp-free juicer can produce smooth and silky juice with no foam.

Besides this, it ensures no aeration inside the juice which makes juice more healthy and increases its life. Though all pulp-free juicers are top class, one is the Fezen Cold Press Juicer with anti-slip features, lasting quality, making smooth juices, low price, and minimum cons.

We are assured that our reviews will help you buy the best masticating juicer for you and enjoy delicious juices.

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