10 Best Juice Extractor Machine In 2023 Reviews

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A juice extractor is a machine that helps you get all the nutrients from veggies and fruits. Many people do not like to eat their veggies and fruits. So juice these vegetables and fruits with the best juice extractor machine to give comfort life to juice lovers.

The quality and quantity of juice, depend on the type of juicer you are using. Many juicer brands are offering kitchen appliances with multiple functions.  It isn’t easy to find the best juice making machine for our kitchen. So, Our research recommended you Omega NC800HDS Juicer because of its high performance.

Our team reviews the different juicer products to give the easiest way to buy a great juicer for home use. Here are 10 top-rated juicers for you that are reviewed with all parameters. Let’s get started.

Top 3 Juicer Picks


omega NC800HDS

Omega NC800HDS Juicer

  • 150W motor power
  • 15 years warranty
  • Nutrition system

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breville bje430sil

Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain

  • 850W motor power
  • Unique cold extract system
  • High efficiency with short prep time

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Mueller austria juicer

Mueller Austria Ultra Po Juicer

  • High juice yield
  • best for hard & soft veggies, fruits
  • built in auto cut off switch

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Have a Look On Top Picks Of 10 Best Juice Extractors 2023

Here is the comparison table of the 10 best juicer machines in 2023 with an updated guide so that you could pick the outstanding juicer according to your budget.


Omega NC800HDS Cold Press Juicer Machine

Omega NC800HDS Juicer 
      • Brand: Omega
      • Warranty: 15 years
      • Weight: 18.7 pounds
      • Material: Stainless steel

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Breville BJE430SIL copy

Breville BJE430SIL Juicer

      • Brand: Breville
      • Weight: 11 pounds
      • Material: Plastic
      • Power: 850 watts

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Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus copy

Breville JE98XL
    • Brand: Breville
    • Weight: 11 Pound
    • Material: Plastic
    • Best Thing: Cold extraction system

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Omega H3000D Juicer copy

Omega H3000D Juicer

      • Brand: Omega
      • Weight: 11.58 pounds
      • Feed Chute: Extra Large 3″
      • Material: Plastic

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Tribest GSE 5050 Greenstar Elite

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite

      • Brand: Tribest
      • Weight: 17.2 pounds
      • Warranty: 12 years
      • Noise: 60db

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Breville BJS700SIL Slow Juicer

Breville BJS700SIL

      • Brand: Breville
      • Weight:12 pounds
      • Yield: High
      • Material: Stainless Steel

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Mueller Austria Juicer

Mueller Austria Juicer

      • Brand: Muller
      • Weight: 9.9 pounds
      • Chute size: 3 inch
      • Warranty: 1 Year

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Cuisinart CJE 1000

Cuisinart CJE-1000

      • Brand: Cuisinart
      • Warranty: 3 year
      • Weight: 9 pounds
      • Pulp holder: 2 inch

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IKICH juicer

IKICH Masticating Juicer

      • Guide Book: IKICH
      • Weight: 9.93 pounds
      • Noise: < 60db
      • Yield: High

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Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok Juicer

      • Brand: Aicok
      • Weight: 4.47 kilograms
      • Wattage: 150 watts
      • Material: Plastic

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1) Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor – PREMIUM PICK

Omega NC800HDS is a great electric juicer to juice everything efficiently. If you are looking for a masticating juicer that makes nutrient-rich juices every time, you must go with the brand Omega.

Omega NC800HDS Cold Press Juicer Machine

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches
Product Weight 18.7 pounds
Brand Omega Juicers
Warranty 15-year
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 Higher Juice Yield 

This Omega juicer squeezes juice at a very minimum speed which results in a higher juice yield. 


When it comes to reliability, Omega is at the top of the list. The brand gives a 15-year warranty with their juice extractor. This warranty shows their confidence in their products. 

Quiet Slow Juicer

The juicer is the ultimate quiet machine. Due to this, the juice it produces is full of nutrients. 

Nutrition Center 

This juicer once again has the edge over others. This Omega juicer extractor is not only a juice extractor, but it is a complete nutrition center. It can extrude pasta, juice leafy greens, almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables, make baby food, etc. It can also grind coffee and multiple spices, mince herbs and garlic, make frozen desserts, and whip up soy milk in a flash. 

Easy to Clean

The design of this juicer is so simple that it makes the cleaning process so easy. 

Less prep time 

Its larger feed chute has shortened the prep time. You do not have to cut fruits or vegetables before juicing them. 

Long Lasting Juices 

This food processor juicer rotates at a very minimum speed of 80 RPM. Due to this, the juicing process produces less heat and minimum oxidation. So, it results in better taste and more nutrients in the juice. The juice remains fresh for a more extended period. 

Healthy and Delicious Juices 

A masticating juicer rotates at a very slow speed and squeezes juice slowly, but this slow process produces less heat and less oxidation. As a result of this, the juice produced is healthy and delicious. It contains more nutrients and enzymes. 


The juicer accommodates an adjustable end cap. This end cap has settings for maximum juice extraction. 

Dual Stage mastication 

This juicer comes up with a unique feature of dual-stage mastication. With the help of this feature, this juicer produces more juice with more nutrients and enzymes. 


This juicer comes with a slow but powerful 120 Watts motor with a gear reduction equivalent of a 2 HP motor. 

  • The slow speed of 80 RPM 
  • Complete Nutrition Center
  • A 15-year long warranty 
  • More shelf life of juices 
  • Large Feeding Chute
  • quiet expensive
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2) Breville BJE430SIL Juicer – EDITOR’S CHOICE

Breville is one of the best brands that manufacture the best cold press juicers that work on cold spin technology. They design electric kitchen gadgets to get per performance so Breville BJE430SIL is an amazing juicer for the kitchen.

Breville BJE430SIL

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 14.5 x 10.5 x 17.6 inches
Product Weight 11 pounds
Brand Breville
Warranty For warranty check the manufacturer’s website
Price Check Amazon

 Cold Spin Technology 

Although it is a centrifugal juicer, its high speed will not destroy vitamins and minerals. You will avoid damage to minerals and vitamins from heat and processing with the help of its cold spin technology and an Italian-made precision mesh filter. 

Extra Wide Feed Chute 

The 84mm wide feed chute allows you to juice whole fruit at a time. You are not required to pre-cut the ingredients. Just wash them and insert them in the juicer and instantly get fresh juice. 

Safety Locking Arm

The thing that makes this juice extractor safe to use is its safety arm feature. The juicer will not start its operation until the cover is not locked correctly at its place.  

2-speed Electronic Control 

The motor is designed with 2-speed. The higher speed is for denser and harder fruits, while the lower speed is for soft fruits and vegetables. 


The juicer has a strong and powerful motor of 850 watts. This motor runs at 110-120 volts. 

Seal and Store Juice Jug 

You can keep your juice in the seal and store the juice jug that comes with this juice extractor. Your juice will remain fresh for up to 3 days. 

Dishwasher Safe 

The juice jug, juicer cover, puree disk, and stainless steel filter bowl are all dishwasher safe. 

Custom Designed Juice Nozzle 

The juicer is completely mess-free. Simply pour juice straight from the jug into the glass. After that, invert the nozzle to avoid dripping.  

  • Cold Spin Technology 
  • Larger Feed Chute 
  • Easy to Use and Clean 
  • 2-speed Electronic Control 
  • Most of the juice remains in the pulp. 

2) Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus – Best Overall

if you need a juicer that takes out each drop of juice then Breville JE98XL is the best choice for you. It is a centrifugal juicer that runs at a very high speed. it crushes any vegetable or fruit so efficiently that you can get a high juice yield.

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 13.2 x 16.5 x 18.2 inches
Product Weight 9.9 pounds
Brand Breville USA
Warranty 1-year limited
Price Check Amazon

 Unique Extraction System 

This juicer is based on a unique extraction system. It consists of a titanium-reinforced disc and an Italian-made micro mesh filter basket made out of stainless steel. These together are designed for maximum nutrient extraction and optimum juice. 

 Extra Wide Feed Chute 

This juicer can accommodate whole fruit and vegetables because it is designed with an extra-large feed chute that is 3 inches wide. 

Build-in Froth Separator

This feature ensures juice froth is separated from juice whenever you want to pour it into the glass. This feature also allows the juicer to operate with the lid on so eliminates any splatter during operation. 

2-speed Electronic Control 

The juicer is designed with 2-speed electronic control. Low speed is used for juicing greens even though these are softer fruits and leafy vegetables. And the other high speed is used for harder and denser fruits and vegetables. 

Higher Juice Yield 

This is designed in such a way that it produces up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than any other juicers available in the market. 


Since this juicer is a centrifugal type of juice extractor, it includes an 850-Watts heavy-duty motor. The motor is designed with 2-speed electronic control for maximum juice extraction from all kinds of fruits and vegetables.  

Overload Protection 

The unique feature of this juicer is its overload protection. This feature prevents overheating, automatically shutting down the juicer when it senses that the juicer is overloaded. 

Safety Locking Arm 

The best thing about this juicer is its safety-locking arm. It prevents the juicer from operating without the lid locked into place. 

Dishwasher Safe Parts 

The parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe. The safe dishwasher parts are a juice jug with a froth separator, filter basket, etc. The juicer also includes a cleaning brush for easy cleaning. 


This juice extractor comes with a 1-year limited warranty that covers its parts and performance. 

  • Easy to Clean and Use 
  • Overload Protection 
  • BPA-Free Material 
  • Big Feeding Chute 
  • 2-speed Modes 
  • Not a versatile Juicer 
  • Not ideal for leafy greens 
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4) Omega H3000D  Juicer – Best For Leafy Greens

if you are looking for the best omega juicers that you can afford to buy from the Omega brand then you can buy Omega H3000D which has excellent performance. You can extract juice from any kind of fruit or vegetable.

Omega H3000D Juicer

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 17.8 x 12.5 x 10 inches
Product Weight 11.58 pounds
Brand Omega
Warranty For warranty check the manufacturer’s website
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 Healthy and Delicious Juice 

This model of Omega claims to extract most of the nutrients and vitamins from the ingredients. It even extracts most of the juice from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables i.e, celery, leafy greens, carrots, etc.  

Cold Press Juicing

Cold press juicing is becoming a hot trend now. This new technology squeezes juice at a very minimal speed but extracts maximum vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients from the ingredients. 


The juicer has a sleek yet modern design that takes less space on your kitchen countertop and looks great. 

Quiet Motor 

This juicer produces less noise while juicing. So your home environment will not disturb your family when you make juice in the morning.  

Dual Stage Mastication 

This juice extractor has something exclusive which is its dual-stage mastication process. This feature squeezes out more and more juice from the same ingredients. 

Higher Nutritional Value 

Since a cold press juicer runs at a low speed, thus produces less heat and minimum oxidation. The juice it produces will be full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients. Because the slow speed never destroys the nutrients and taste. 

Easy to Use and Clean 

The detachable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. If you do not want to put them in the dishwasher, wash them under running water. 

  • Easy to Assemble 
  • Healthy Juices 
  • heavy duty juicer
  • Too much pulp in the juice 
  • Cheaply made 

5) Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite – High Value

A twin-gear juice extractor on the countertop is the ultimate dream of every veteran. This Greenstar Elite is an efficient and affordable machine for your kitchen.

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches
Product Weight 17.2 pounds
Brand Tribest
Warranty 12-year
Price Check Amazon

Stainless Steel Twin Gear 

It has stainless steel twin-gear technology. The teeth of the twin gear are designed so that they can quickly process hard fruits and vegetables, i.e., carrots, beets, etc. They can also handle sinewy vegetables like celery without getting clogged. 

Complete Mastication Process 

This Tribest GSE 5050 is the best masticating juicer that is based on a complete mastication process. The robust design of the twin gear is based on the human teeth mastication system.  

Reverse Function 

This most popular juicer also comes with a reverse function. This function helps you clean any clogging. 

Versatile Capability 

The thing that keeps this juicer on top is its versatile capability. The juicer includes homogenizing accessories. With the help of these accessories, this Greenstar Elite juicer can make frozen fruits sorbets, sauces, pate, and nut butter.  

Easy to clean and assemble 

This juicer is easy to clean and easy to assemble juicer machine makes your work easy. It is recommended to wash this machine with mild soap and avoid using any harsh chemicals like bleach.  

Exclusive Technology

This juicer’s efficiency is based on magnetic and bioceramic technology that allows it to extract juice with higher nutritional content. So, the juice you make will remain fresh for up to 72-hours in the refrigerator with minimum nutritional loss. 

Pressure Adjustment Mechanism 

Different items require different pressure in juicing. This juicer machine comes up with a unique technology of pressure adjustment mechanism. This Greenstar allows you to adjust pressure without having to stop juicing. 


This heavy-duty juicer comes up with a 15-year extended warranty for household use during a 3-year warranty for professional use. This warranty is enough to give you the confidence to buy this extraordinary machine. 

  • Strong Twin-gear 
  • Multiple Pressure settings 
  • Versatile Machine 
  • 15 year long life warranty 
  • Large, heavy 
  • Small-size chute needs to pre-chop oversized items.

it is the best commercial juice extractor that you also can use to extract juice from a large quantity of fruit or vegetable. At work efficiently without heating and jamming when you have heavy ingredients to juice so it is best for use at the commercial stage.

6) Breville BJS700SIL Slow Juicer – Verstile

Start your day with a nutrient-rich juice made with the help of this Breville juicer that gives you healthy juice every time.

Breville BJS700SIL Slow Juicer

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 10.8 x 15 x 17.5 inches
Product Weight 12 pounds
Brand Breville
Warranty For warranty check the manufacturer’s website
Price Check Amazon

Big Squeeze Technology 

This juicer’s screw and filter design extracts maximum juice from ingredients and results in higher juice yield.  

Juice and Mix

It has a spout plug. This plug allows you to pre-mix your juice before pouring it for fuller flavor and texture.

Shortened Prep Time 

The large 3-inch feed chute is the largest available in the market. It requires less preparation time, and you get your juice instantly. 

Ultra Quiet Motor 

The juicer accommodates a 240-watt powerful yet quiet motor. It works slowly but efficiently enough to extract maximum juice from ingredients. 

Quick Rinse Technology 

The spout plug allows you to fill out the whole mixing bowl and thoroughly rinse the machine in between juices. 

Easy Assembling 

The red dot indications on every part allow you to assemble and disassemble quickly. This feature makes this juicer easy to use. 

Direction Control 

The juicer machine has a direction to control features. The forward is for normal juicing, while the reverse button is to prevent clogging. 

  • Higher Juice Yield
  • Quiet Motor 
  • Good consistency juices 
  • A bit hard to clean 
  • Sometimes gets easily blocked.
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 7) Mueller Austria Juicer – Cheap Price

if you are looking for the best compact juicer that occupies less space then Mueller  Austria Ultra Juicer is the best choice.  you can make any type of juice like green apples, oranges, kale, etc with the help of these best juice makers.

Mueller Austria Juicer 

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 17 x 13.8 x 9.8 inches
Product Weight 2.2 pounds
Brand Mueller Austria
Warranty 2-year
Price Check Amazon


The sleek and modern design of this juicer gives it a different and elegant look. The juicer has a stainless steel body and low-counter top footprints. 

Dual-speed Versatility 

The motor is designed with two-speed modes. At speed one, the motor runs at a speed of 12000 to 15000 RPM. This juicer machine is an ideal speed for juicing softer fruits and vegetables. And at two, the juicer runs at the speed of 15000 to 18000 RPM for denser and harder fruits. 

Easy Clean-up

The detachable parts are easy to clean and wash. These parts are also dishwasher safe. 

Extra-Large Feed Chute 

This juicer is designed with an extra-large 3-inch feed chute. Even, You can even put a whole fruit in this chute. This machine requires less prep time. It is designed with an anti-drip function, which avoids spillage and dripping.


This fruit pressor comes with a 2-year warranty that covers its parts and performance. 

The Locking Bar 

The juicer is designed with a unique locking bar. If this bar is not in its locked position, the juicer won’t start. This mechanism makes this juicer safe to use. 

Build-in Thermal Cut-off Switch

If there is any unit jamming or overheating occurring in the motor during the juicing process, the unit automatically shuts down. 

Low-Speed Technology 

Most of these types of juicers run at a very fast speed and produce heat. But this centrifugal machine is different from others. Its durable DC motor runs at 60 rpm and produces minimum heat, resulting in healthier and nutrient-rich juice every time. 

Quiet Motor 

This juicer comes up with a quiet motor. Its noise level is below 60 dB.

Higher Juice Yield 

In most cases, the masticating juicers produce more juices. But this centrifugal juicer comes with a powerful motor but runs at a very slow speed. This juicer slowly squeezes juice, thus resulting in a higher juice yield. 


The juice is even safe for kids because the parts that come in contact with food are wholly made up of BPA-Free material. 

  • Reasonable in Price 
  • Cleanup is easy, and it is dishwasher safe 
  • Doesn’t make much noise 
  • Big feed chute 
  • Easy to join parts for assembling
  • Can not use for large juice quantity

8) Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juicer – Budget Pick

If you want to buy the best budget juicer then buy this Cuisinart Juice Extractor to extract juices. it has a purchasable price that anyone can buy easily. Another best thing is that it is also the best juicer for celery juice.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 juicer

 Product Specification

Product Dimensions 15.35 x 11.8 x 19.01 inches
Product Weight 9 pounds
Brand Cuisinart
Warranty 3 year
Price Check Amazon


The 1000-watts robust motor of this juicer extracts more juice for you from the same ingredients.  


The package includes a 1-liter juice container and a 2-liters pulp holder. This pulp holder is used for the removal of undesirable pulp. The 1-liter juice jug is to gather juice for serving at the morning meal table.   

Filter Basket 

For minimum froth, this juice extractor comes with a filter basket. This filter basket provides you with juice with minimum froth. 

Recipe Book 

If you want to try some new recipes, this juicer brings the ultimate solution to your cravings. It includes a recipe book for you. Now you can try a new recipe every day. 

Dishwasher safe 

This is the best veggie juicer with removable parts of this food extractor that are dishwasher safe. This feature makes this juicer easy to use and clean. 


Die-cast and stainless steel bodies give this juicer and ultimate look and durability. 

Clean-up is a breeze

Clean-up of this juicer has become a breeze because the juicer comes with a cleaning brush. You can put the removable parts in the dishwasher or can be washed under running water. 


This high-speed juicer comes with a 3-year warranty. You can buy this juicer with full confidence. 

Wider feed Chute 

The wider 3-inch feed chute allows you to make juice in less time and does not require pre-cutting of the fruits and vegetables. 

Quiet Operation 

Mostly the centrifugal juicers create noise while juicing. But this works quietly, and it will never disturb your family in the morning.  

5-speed Dial Control 

This juicer is designed with 5-speed dial control. You can extract juice from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables. 

  • High-Quality Motor 
  • 5-speed Dial Control 
  • Dishwasher Safe 
  • Locking Mechanism 
  • Some parts are cheaply made and may break easily. 

9) IKICH Masticating Juicer 

if you are considering IKICH Juicer for buying then you are going to take the right decision because this juicer machine gives 27% more juice quantity than others.

IKICH juicer

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 16.02 x 11.81 x 7.76 inches
Product Weight 9.93 pounds
Warranty For warranty check the manufacturer’s website
Price Check Amazon

 Upgrade Spiral Auger

This juice extractor is designed with an upgraded spiral auger. This spiral auger is responsible for the maximum juice extraction. With this auger, you will get 27% more juice than any other cold press juicer.

Anti-drip Function 

This outstanding juicer machine is equipped with two silicon covers. These silicone covers help to keep your countertop clean.

2-speed Function 

This masterpiece juicer is designed with a 2-speed function. The juicer has been tested at multiple speeds for squeezing different fruits and vegetables. Finally, the 2-speed one is for hard fruits and vegetables, and the other is for soft fruits and vegetables.

Reverse Function 

It also has a reverse function. You can remove any clog with the help of this feature.

Higher Juice Yield 

This masticating juicer is designed in such a way that it thoroughly squeezes juice from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables and produces a 90% higher juice yield.

More Nutrition

Since it is a cold press masticating juice extractor, it works at minimal heat build-up and less oxidation which results in more nutrition. Moreover, the juice it produces will remain fresh for up to 72 hours. The juicer is also equipped with a juice recipe book and a portable bottle.

Easy to Assemble

Just press one release button and easily detach parts from the motor base. It takes only a minute to detach all the parts of this juicer.

Easy to Clean

All the parts except the juice housing can be washed safely in the dishwasher. The detachable parts can also be cleaned under running tap water with the help of a cleaning brush.

Safe Operation

the working operation of these juicer machines is so smooth and safe even that elders and kids can use this quickly and safely.

Minimum Noise 

The juicer operates at less than 60 decibels of noise. It will not disturb your home environment and will not shock your pets.

  • BPA-Free
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble
  • Portable and compact design
  • Parts get stained very quickly.
Is IKICH masticating Juicer worth buying?

The best thing that makes it more prominent is its 2-speed function.  it produces less heat that gives healthy juice with full vitamins.  it comes with a portable bottle to store juice and many other great parts include.

10) Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Aicok is a reliable brand when you are planning to buy a masticating juicer. You may find the self-cleaning juicer at the most reasonable price from Aicok.

Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

Product Specification

Product Dimensions 16.1 x 7.9 x 11.6 inches
Product Weight 8.23 pounds
Brand Aicok
Warranty For warranty check the manufacturer’s website

 Upgraded Spiral 

The upgraded spiral auger consists of 7 segments, extracts maximum juice from ingredients, and provides you with maximum nutrients. 

Masticating Juicer 

Since this juice extractor is a cold press masticating one, it produces less heat and minimum oxidation and provides you 90% more nutrients and enzymes.  

Higher Juice Yield 

A masticating juicer extracts juice at a very high speed but produces more juice. So, these good juicer does. It works at 80 RPM, so it provides you with more juice with more nutrients and enzymes all the time. 

Silent Operation 

The excellent masticating juice extractor runs at less than 60 dB. Due to this slow speed, it will not disturb your home environment.

Baby Health Material 

One of the best things about this juicer is its material. This juice extractor uses the food-grade Tritan material that makes this kitchen juicer safe for kids this is completely BPA-Free, and even the spiral is made up of PMMA material. The material will not affect the taste of the juice.   

Quality Assurance 

The juicer brand gives 3-year quality assurance and provides you with lifelong technical consultation. The juicer uses advanced technology, with UL ETL certification. T

Easy Assemble

The one-button disassembling feature makes this juice extractor easy to use and clean. 

Dishwasher Safe 

Each piece of this juice extractor is made for an easy cleaning process. Moreover, a cleaning brush is also included for easy cleaning. 

  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet motor 
  • Reverse Function 
  • 7-segments upgraded spiral 
  • best inexpensive juice extractor
  • The machine may leak grease sometimes.  

Is Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer worth buying?

This Aicok juicer really has worth buying because of its reverse function and powerful quiet motor.  you can buy it because it gives fully dried pulp that increases the juice quantity by 90% more than other kitchen juicers.

Its preventing oxidation gives pure and highly enrich vitamin juice that most of the juice does not give. Another best thing about the Aicok juice extractor is that it has a quiet motor that has less noise that can not disturb if you are sleeping and the juicer is operating. You will love it as you can use it to extract juice from ginger, celery, beets, and many more veggies and fruits.

Buyer’s Guide About Best Juice Extractor 2023

There are many important things that you must keep under consideration before buying a juicer. Let discuss them


The brand is one of the most important things that you should keep under consideration. The quality of the best juice maker depends on its manufacturer. Some of the best brands of juice extractors are Omega, Breville, Tribest, Cuisinart, CalmDo, Mueller, etc. The name of the brand gives you confidence in buying their product. 

 Types of the juicer 

The primary and foremost thing about a juice extractor is its type. There are two main types of juicers i.e., centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers.

Centrifugal juicers are high-end juicer that comes with high-power motors. They extract juice at a very high speed and, due to this speed, usually lose many enzymes and nutrients in the juice.

The other one is a masticating juicer. A masticating juicer squeezes juice at a plodding speed and extracts more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nutrients from your ingredients. Both of them are good at their places.  


Warranty is something that you should not ignore. it is always an indicator of the manufacturer’s trust. Some brands are more confident about their products.

They give you an extended warranty that shows their trust in their products. The warranty usually varies from one to five years. But Omega offers a 15-year long warranty on many of their juicers. 


The versatility of the best juicer for smoothies depends on many other things. For example, if you buy a juicer for softer fruits and vegetables, it may work well on some harder and denser fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, high-speed juicers may have multiple speed options, while a low-speed unit may feature an adjustable end cap. 

 Easy to Clean 

Easy cleaning of a juicer is the thing that everyone wants. No one wants to spend much of the time cleaning and washing each part every time you use this.

However, many brands have designed their juicers so simply that their cleaning is not a mess. Moreover, many juicers come with tools like cleaning brushes that make cleaning a breeze. Many detachable parts are also dishwasher-safe.  

 Additional Features  

Your juicer may come with other accessories and attachments that enable this juicer to perform extra functions.

Those functions may include mincing meat and garlic, making pasta, grinding coffee and spices, etc.

These functions increase the usability of these juice extractors beyond juicing. So, you can use these machines for other purposes too. 

 Multiple Speeds 

If your juicer has various speed options, this will increase its versatility. For example, if it has two-speed options, the slow speed is used for softer fruits and veggies, while high speed is used for denser and hard fruits and vegetables. 

 Size of Feed Chute  

The size of the feed chute is directly related to the ease and convenience of using your juicer. The bigger the feed chute, the lessor it takes time to make juice. Because you are not required to cut fruits and vegetables before juicing, the size of the feed chute may vary from one inch to three inches. 

 Easy Operation  

There is no rocket science in running a juicer. But the manufacturers should make such designs that are easy to use. The assembling and disassembling must be in a few clicks, and operating the juicer must be an easy task. It would help if you choose a juicer that is easy to use and clean. 

 Juice Shelf Life  

The shelf life of juices made with masticating or other cold press juicers is longer than the one made with a centrifugal juicer. The life of juice varies from 1 day to 3 days in the refrigerator. Moreover, you can keep them in an airtight jug or container for better taste and longer shelf life. 

 Juicing Speed  

If your morning routine is tough and usually you do not have enough time to juice, you must go with a centrifugal type of juicer. A centrifugal juicer is one that runs at a very high speed and gives you juice in no time. On the other hand, the masticating juicer runs at a slow speed and takes time to produce juice. But slow speed will not destroy the taste and nutrients of the juice. 

 Juice Yield  

The higher juice yield is the most desirable thing that everyone wants from high nutrient healthy fruits and vegetables. Some juicers are good at producing more juice from the same ingredients. However, some appliances are not so efficient in producing a high juice yield. 

 Juice Quality  

The juice quality is directly related to the efficiency of the juicer. It’s not about the taste, but the amount of nutrients the juicer produces in the juice. The highest nutrients are only produced by masticating and triturating juicers.  

Some commonly asked questions are explained below:

Which type of juicer is best, either masticating or centrifugal Juicer extractor machines?
Ans. As we mentioned in the buyer’s guide, both types of juicers have their pros and cons.

Masticating juicers are best for juicing because they run at a slow speed and produce juice full of nutrients and enzymes, and the juices have a long shelf life. While the centrifugal juicers run at high speed, produce juice in seconds. If you are a busy person, go for the centrifugal one. 

Can a juicer be a versatile machine and do other tasks too?
Ans. Some juicers perform other functions too. Their package includes other accessories and attachments for these purposes. These machines can do mincing, grinding, etc. other than juicing. This type of machine is a complete nutrition center that helps you in your other kitchen tasks
Is Omega NC800HDS Juicer Extractor and Nutrition Center a complete nutrition center?
Ans. Omega NC800HDS is a versatile juicer. It not only juices but can also perform other tasks. It can extrude pasta, grind spices and coffee, mince herbs and garlic, leafy greens juice, make baby food, whip up soy milk, and can also make frozen desserts. Furthermore, It is a complete nutrition center that a person wants for his kitchen.
Can a centrifugal juicer run at a slow speed?
Ans. Yes, it can run at a slow speed. Manufacturers are making such centrifugal juicers that run at a slow speed. Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W Power is a centrifugal one, but its DC motor runs at 60 rpm and produces minimum heat and less oxidation.
Which brands do offer a long warranty on their products other than Omega?
Ans. Many juicers of different brands come with warranties. Some have long while some have short-time warranties with them. Tribest is a that offers a 15-year long warranty on most of their models other than the Omega model.

Final verdict

As above we give you very comprehensive reviews on top juicers that we have tested with it working performance and its features. We hope you find your juicer machine for your kitchen after reading our article.  These are the best juice extractor on the market. 

if you have a low budget then you can pick Mueller Austria Ultra Po. if you have a high budget and want to buy a juicer with great features then must pick Omega NC800HDS Juicer. Otherwise, you can choose Breville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain which is also a great juicer machine. You can check the price of these from the above top 3 juicer pick section.

 our team has provided you with these best-selling juicers on the basis of durability, functionality, and price. 

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