7 Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice Pom (Epic Guide)

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Pomegranate is an antioxidant fruit. it has a high amount of fiber but is low in calories and fats. So there are a large number of health benefits of pomegranate juice. pomegranate seeds as well as juice have a direct healthy effect on both women and males. In this article, we will explain our main pomegranate juice benefits, side effects, and what you should know most important things about pomegranate before using it.

The juice of pomegranate and antimicrobial conditions

Surely most people stop after reading the heading. The question must come to their mind how pomegranate and COVID are interlinked? To get an answer to this question, read the whole portion very carefully.

In recent months, researchers are trying to discover the cure for COVID by using chemicals. At the same time, many researchers are also doing research on pomegranates. Because they were well aware of the health benefits.

During the research, all parts of the pomegranate (including its juice, bark, peel, and aerials) went under test. To give clarification that it can easily fight against many viral and bacterial pathogens. Peel of pomegranate naturally has various phytochemical compounds that act as a shield to protect your body from antimicrobial and viral activities.

Ultimately, COVID is also a viral disease that directly attracts your lungs and weakens the body’s immunity. Eventually becomes fatal. So it is good to take a glass of pomegranate juice or extract it on a daily basis to protect your body from this disease. At the same time, increase and strengthen your body’s natural defense system.

How to Juice Pomegranate?

when we talk about the pomegranate benefit then we must consider the factor of juice extracting method used. Many people use different ways to extract juice from pomegranates. some people use electric or manual juicers that make extracting juice very easy but some people like the old traditional method. They peel pomegranate seeds and collect the juice. if you want to know how to juice a pomegranate effectively then you can google it or read our blog.

7 Benefits of Pomegranate Juice That You Must Know Before Use 

1- concentrate pomegranate juice 

Concentrated pomegranate juice has equal benefits as pomegranate juice. Saying that it comes with more nutrients as compared to its typical juice will not be wrong.

The good thing about its concentrate is that you don’t need to add additional sugar to it. The reason is that a concentrate is basically a pure extract of pomegranate. It comes with natural sugar. Eventually, you just have to take it without any additional ingredients.

Moreover, this juice concentrate is best for diabetes patients because natural sugar will not cause any harm to them. If you want to get 100% of pomegranate benefits, then we recommend you to take pomegranate juice concentrate on a daily basis. Because it is richer in vitamins and minerals.

2- Pomegranate Juice During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women become conscious of their diet plans. Ultimately the food that they take during this condition. So for the safety concern, most pregnant women have the query can they take pomegranate juice during this condition? In this portion, there is a detailed explanation of this confusion.

Many dietitians and gynecologists recommend taking pomegranate juice, its seeds, and extract on a daily basis.   Some of the benefits of pomegranate during pregnancy are mentioned below.

Prevent Anemia

As the pomegranate is enriched with vitamin C and many other essential minerals. Ultimately best to prevent anemia.

Best to resolve digestive issues

During pregnancy, many women face many issues related to digestion. The common problem is constipation. As the treatment of constipation, pomegranate contains fiber that is beneficial to cure it.

Minimize pain or cramps

Pomegranates are loaded with potassium. Eventually, the potassium in pomegranate relieves cramps. So pregnant women must take a recommended dose of pomegranate daily.

3- Pomegranate Juice For Babies

Besides adults, pomegranate juice is equally beneficial for babies as well. Pomegranate has immense effects on the health of your baby. Here are some healthy pomegranate juice benefits for babies. The complex of vitamins A and B proves as a miracle for the baby’s health.

Build up immunity in the baby

Most young babies get infected so easily. The reason behind this issue is their weak immunity. Ultimately disease can also attack them so easily. To boost up the immunity and strengthen the natural defensive system of your baby. The vitamin C in pomegranate does its surprising miracle. Vitamin C is a natural ingredient to cope with pathogen attacks.

Bacterial infection

The baby’s stomach is so weak to accept heavy antibiotics to treat bacterial infections. Eventually, we must go with organic remedies to cope with the situation. Pomegranate is great medicine for this concern. Due to the presence of many biochemical enzymes. These enzymes reduce the inflammation caused by bacterial infection.

Relief from intestinal worms

The most common problem in babies is the growth of intestinal worms. Many mothers are worried about giving medicines to their babies frequently due to this reason. For such mothers, a pomegranate is no less than a blessing. As it kills the worms and acts as an antinode.

3- Pomegranate Juice For Babies

As we described earlier, the pomegranate is equally beneficial for all humans irrespective of their gender. Ultimately pomegranate juice is also best for men as well. Let’s have a quick look at the surprising effect on men.

Minimizes the risk of heart attack

According to research, heart disease is more common in men as compared to women. Ultimately many men die daily due to heart attacks and other cardiac problems. To control heart attack, pomegranate controls the level of cholesterol and maintains blood pressure. Ultimately when both of these factors are under control, then automatically, there is less chance of heart attack.

Maintain testosterone

Taking a glass of pomegranate juice daily will increase the progesterone level. Its level increases by approximately to 24%. So it is crucial for middle-aged men to add pomegranate juice to their diet.

5- Pomegranate Juice For Skin

Pomegranate is also responsible for treating many skin problems.


Using pomegranate in face packs or taking it in a diet will help to cure wrinkles. Its DE oxidants act as an anti-aging ingredient.

Minimize inflammation

The DE oxidants present in the pomegranate help to reduce inflammation and keep your skin fresh.

Protection against UV radiation

A lot of photo chemicals are present in pomegranate. These will eventually develop chemicals in your skin that provides protection against UV radiation.

6- Pomegranate Juice for women

Women can also get many benefits by consuming enough pomegranates in their daily routines.

Increase fertility

The pomegranate maintains the blood flow in the uterus and uterus lining. Ultimately, a healthy flow of blood on these parts increases fertility. Additionally, the presence of folic acid, vitamin C, and E will also help in inducing higher fertility.

Hair growth

Suppose women with damaged and weak hair start taking pomegranate juice on a daily basis. Then obviously, the antioxidants present in the juice will help to get strong and long hair.

7- Pomegranate for weight loss

If you are on a diet, then you can take pomegranate in your diet. The reason is that it does not induce fat in your body and helps in weight loss.

Low-calorie food

The good thing about pomegranate is that it has very few calories. Moreover, a single pomegranate is enough to fulfill your appetite.

Act as an appetite control

The pomegranate juice is loaded with dietary fibers. Additionally, dietary fibers are good to control appetite. Ultimately best for weight loss.

After reading all the benefits mentioned above. It is obvious that you are curious to know if is it good to drink pomegranate juice every day. And how much pomegranate juice should I drink in a day? So let’s answer your question by using an authentic source.

As far as the confusion is taking juice on a daily basis. Then there is no problem with adding pomegranate juice to your diet. Taking a suitable amount of pomegranate juice is beneficial for health. Moreover, you can take 8 ounces of pomegranate juice on a daily basis. Taking the mentioned amount daily will show excellent results for your body.

There are a few more common questions related to pomegranate juice. The most frequently asked is what vitamins are in pomegranate juice. For the information of such people, pomegranate comes with vitamins C, E, and K.

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Pomegranate juice side effects

According to the researchers and dietitians, there are no particular side effects of it. Drinking pomegranate juice on an empty stomach or with a filled stomach will not harm you. But few people who are allergic to pomegranate may have side effects after drinking its juice. They may feel difficulty in breathing, itching, runny nose, or any other digestive problem. So before taking juice, make sure if pomegranate juice is good for you or not.

Pomegranate extract vs juice

Pomegranate juice is a dilute form of pomegranate extract. Ultimately pomegranate extract is a pure form of pomegranate pulp. The main difference between the pomegranate pulp and its juice is very minor. The pomegranate extract provides a greater amount of nutrients and vitamins. Furthermore, pomegranate juice is diluted from its pulp. It provides a fewer amount of nutrients as compared to its extract. The juice quality depends on whether you extract juice by peeling pomegranate seeds or using the juicer for pomegranate

Additionally, pomegranate extract is a bit expensive compared to its juice. If your budget is limited, then pomegranate juice also serves best for health.

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Final Words

If you want to cope with the fatal disease and various viral and bacterial infections then you must have developed the habit of taking pomegranate juice in your daily diet plan. Furthermore, if you want to increase your fertility rate, progesterone level, immunity, or the natural defensive system of your body then Start taking 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily. To make pomegranate juice more effective you must know the best time to drink pomegranate juice which is morning time.

Happy juicing

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